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Dotted with small, character-filled villages, smouldering volcanoes rising out of lush rich fields, idyllic beaches and colourful reefs, Bali is the perfect island getaway. Fall in love with the warmth of the people, the ornate customs and welcoming culture that is synonymous with beautiful Bali.

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JAPANFrom $1,185

Japan - home to sushi, miso soup, geishas, sumo, karate, hello kitty and ultra modern high-technology mixed with the traditional. See the famed cherry blossoms in the spring or ski the Japanese Alps in the winter. Indulge in Japanese cuisine and admire the many temples and shrines devoted to the two national religions!

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UKFrom $1,975

London is a place which has something for everyone. If you want to go shopping, eat out in restaurants, or are interested in history, then London has it all. There are thousands of museums and some beautiful parks too - even in the centre of the city. London is a global capital of culture, arts and fashion. Packed with excellent

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Choose your holiday and discover the places you've never been before. From the pace to the price,we've got your dream holiday covered.

adventure day

Get up close and personal with mt Bromo's wildlife thrilling nature tour.

lovely boat tour

Take a serenaded gondola ride or vaporetti on the canals of Venice

romantic colosseum

Treat your love to a unique and unforgetable Roman experience in a self-drive vintage Fiat 500.

Kuta beach

Wander the shoreline and dip your toes in the cool clear water, before returning to the city

Exploring Hongkong

From the Hollywood of Asia to the Sleeping Beauty Castle, kids, kidults and everyone in between can have fun in Hong Kong.

Discover Vietnam

Discover the spirit of Vietnam on a trip from south to north. Explore Vietnam's fast-paced Ho Chi Minh City


Tour Destinations

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ASIA: Himeji Castle in Japan
$660$678Save $18

Asia is a land revered by travellers for centuries, the world's most populous continent is as eclectic, exotic and endearing as they come.

AFRICA: wilderness savana in Zimbawe
$2559$2759Save $200

One of the world's truly untamed frontiers, Africa is a rugged land teeming with natural history, phenomenal wildlife and culture.

AUSTRALIA: red stone in North Australia
$1535$1585Save $50

Australia/Pacific region balances timeless landscapes and ancient cultures with its own keen sense of modernity

Europe: venice in one day & boat tour
$1749$1849Save $100

Europe is the world's most visited destination. Paris, Rome, London, and Berlin are most iconic cities reveal their world-changing histories

USA: San Fransico Bridge where your're hearth be
$3588$3688Save $100

A continent that's never afraid to speak its mind, North America is big, bold and full of surprises

Bali: the island's of GOD
$507$517Save $10

Bali as part of Indonesia's islands are sprinkled like a collection of colourful spices and full of energy and simmering sunlight

PILGRIMAGE: umrah Mecca
$2459$2509Save $50

The Umrah is a pilgrimage to Mecca that can be undertaken at any time of the year. Umrah is not considered as compulsory but it is highly recommended in Islam.

PILGRIMAGE: Israel Hollyland
$2125$2175Save $50

From Sea to Shining Sea, Israel has the depth and the beauty to move mountains. Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee open a window to the past that allows one to follow not only in the footsteps of Jesus but to absorb his words and the actions of his teaching too

Italy Walking Tour:
A Day in the Life of Pisa Tower

Or fly non-stop via Dubai by $1,515 USD

Pisa‘s famous Leaning Tower is simply the bell tower for the adjacent cathedral – cathedrals all over Italy have bell towers, and many of them are also leaning for one reason or another. This is one little fact the folks in Pisa would rather you don’t know, but it’s true.

from$589per person

Paris Romantic Tour:
A Beautiful Day on Eiffel Tower

Or fly non-stop via Amsterdam by $1,649 USD

This skip-the-line tour offers the most enjoyable way to visit this must-see Paris landmark. Our guide will take you straight to the second level while discussing the history, architecture, and fascinating stories about the Tower.

from$698per person

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Star Wisata is for every traveller. And if group tours aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings. We’ve developed a range of adventures to suit every style and budget. So no matter how you want to see the world, we’ll make sure you see it in style.


small groups

Small groups are our classic style, the original recipe we patented way back in the late 80s: a tight-knit bunch of travellers, a local leader and a big wide world to explore.


private groups

We can customize the itinerary and activities just for you by giving your trip an educational, physical or even a food focus! These come with all the excitement and inclusions of a regular tour.


solo travellers

If you’re more the lone wolf type, there’s no harm in joining the pack once in a while. In fact travelling solo on a group tour comes with a few perks: you’ll meet new friends or see things you’d never did.

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Sekar, Semarang

Star Wisata provided me with every detail and information I needed.

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Much impressed by your organization and will be planning another adventure with you soon!!!

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Loved every minute of this trip. The hotel was great - centrally located, modern, clean, a 5 star all-the-way.

Nadia, Bandung

My friends couldn't believe the price. The hotels were top of the line, and our guide was great.

Kevin, Jakarta

You all made this trip very easy to book. Your directions were very clear and precise.

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